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BBN Motorsports Correspondent Austin Smith previews the exciting new rookie on the F1 track this year.


Austin Smith

Motorsports Correspondent

Courtesy: PlanetF1

“And the bombs bursting in the air.

Gave through

Through the night

As our flag was still there.”

THIS is what we’ll be hearing when the day arrives that America’s newest F1 driver: Logan Sargeant wins a race in Formula 1. The driver representing this great nation is a local Floridan just like most of us coming from the city of Ft Lauderdale. Logan rose through the ranks of the F1’s feeder series where in 2022 he racked up enough points to earn himself a promotion into the biggest spectacle of the motorsports world.

Courtesy: u/F1HLM - Reddit

Now the hype around Logan comes from the fact that Americans aren’t commonplace in F1 like you’d see in NASCAR or IndyCar. Our last driver was current IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi who drove from 2013 to 2015, and before that our last American-born F1 driver was Scott Speed who drove from 2006-2007. It doesn’t stop there we could go back even further, the last American-born winner is Michael Andretti in 1978 and our last champion however, was also Andretti in 1978.

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But nonetheless, it is great for Americans to see across the nation someone to finally represent them. Logan makes his debut prior to the Bahrain GP this Sunday (Written as of March 4th) in the Williams F1 team driving with the number 2 where he will start 16th on the grid next to his teammate Alex Albon. As a red-blooded American, I will be rooting for success for this young man, as I hope for consistent results. Good luck Logan, for those Americans who will watch tomorrow, will be behind you.


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