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BBN Motorsports correspondent Austin Smith previews the first race of the season at Bahrain


Austin Smith

March 5th marks the beginning of the 2023 F1 season here is everything you need to know for Sunday’s race including the writers’ predictions.

Time of race: 9:45 am

Laps: 57

Track Length: 5.412km

Pole Sitter: Max Verstappen (Red Bull #1)

Figure 1: Bahrain GP Circuit

2022 Winner: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari #16)

Starting Grid for Sunday’s race:

BBN Insiders’s predictions:

Based on what I’ve seen it could go either way but my prediction for winning is the defending champion of Max Verstappen from winning the pole to 2nd and 3rd in all three practices. I feel he has the best shot of winning but there are others who equally have a chance. I would say:

-Charles Leclerc (Ferrari #16)

-Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin #14)

-Sergio Perez (Red Bull #11)


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