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Sports correspondent Giuliano Milian provides a quick glimpse into the upcoming baseball season.


Giuliano Milian

December 7, 2022

If you enjoy Baseball look no further than Piper, last year the team had 4 college-bound students from our Baseball program. These schools ranged from D3 to D1! Our victory against the Cypress Bay Lightning headed us last year as a top finalist for the county. This year our staff has encouraged workout regimes with our Piper Faculty and student weight room, and our personalized Coaches for every aspect of baseball.

Headed by Coach Colby Costanzo, his associate Coach Austin, Mike, Luke, and Coach Bradean, the team is ready for the season. Also exciting is that the program was supplied, in part because of our Cambridge program, with and new Turtle costing over 5000 dollars! We can't wait to see Piper’s extreme growth on the diamond.

And what about joining? Well head to our staff and get ready for the Spring season! We only have room for 14! So don't be late and try your hardest! Our schedules are everyday except Sunday from 3-6pm (and holidays)

As for the players! Here is a look at the roster:

· Travis: OF, P, 1B

· Brandon Montez: 1B, P, OF

· Michael Ennis: OF

· Khalfani: OF, 2B

· Sean Nolan: OF, P

· Sean Walkins: OF

· Mathew Parkes: OF

· Giuliano Milian: OF, C, 2B

· Danny- 1B, 3B

· Kris: SS, OF, C

· Jaiden Ferriero: 3B, P

· Josh: 2B, SS

· Roman: P, OF, 2B

· Kaleb: P, OF, 3B

· Enrique: P, SS, 2B, OF

Note: some last names were excluded for confidentiality


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