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BBN Correspondent Dani Montoya went to Horror Nights so you didn't have to


Courtesy: Universal Studios Communications and Experiences

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual Halloween-themed event celebrated at Universal Studios Theme Park. This event holds a wide variety of haunted houses based on different spooky themes throughout the park that provide a great and fun way to spend the Halloween season. I attended Halloween Horror Nights for the first time this year, although I have never been the biggest fan of horror, I definitely had a memorable and enjoyable time there. The haunted houses were horrifying with specific details lining up to each house's themes. Although I had gotten busy getting scared by jumpy scare actors, I could still appreciate the amazing attention to detail each house contained, and how it felt as if I had walked into an actual horror film. This event was definitely a night to remember as each house was amazingly well done, such as houses based on popular movies and show franchises such as Chucky, The Exorcist, Stranger Things, and The Last Of Us. Not only were the haunted houses a crazy experience, but so were the scare zones set up throughout the park. These scare zones completely catch someone off guard, as the scare actors blend in with the crowd, and jump out when you least expect it.

This Halloween season has definitely remained one of my favorites as I got to spend it at Halloween Horror Nights. The annual event has only been significantly improving within their chilling depictions of horror, as they kick off their 32nd year of the event. There is something there for everyone, as there are live shows, restaurants, and gift shops to accompany the main event of haunted houses. Halloween Horror Nights was an amazing experience and helped me develop a stronger enjoyment for the holiday of Halloween. It goes without saying that Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most well known and popular events for a well deserved reason, being one of the best places to spend your Halloween season.


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