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Editor Anngelie Gomez-Muñoz reviews the Homecoming Week festivities around campus


Anngelie Gomez-Muñoz

December 2, 2022

Piper’s first spirit week of the year! Taking place before homecoming and put together by SGA, Piper’s big city lights week took place on October 10th and lasted until October 14th.

Here are some photos taken by BBN staff of our Piper students!

Monday October 10 - Meme Day - “Are you from NY even?”

Kicking it off on Monday with meme day, a silly theme where students dress up as their favorite/funniest meme.

Tuesday October 11 - “Backstage on Broadway”

A day in which students dress up as their favorite character from a show or novel.

Wednesday October 12 - “Woodstock 2022”

Otherwise known as rappers vs rockers, students dress up as their favorite music genre.

Thursday October 13 - “Back-In-Time Square”

A little throwback Thursday where students time travel into their favorite decade.

Friday October 14 - “Concrete Jungle”

Where students support their varsity football players by wearing piper’s signature colors orange and brown.

The Homecoming pep rally was held to get Piper ready for the varsity football game against Nova. The swimming, girls volleyball, football, golf, cheerleading, and cross-country teams participated in the event along with some special performances by the Piper Band of Pride and dance team. Not only that but a special guest, DJ Nasty.


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