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BBN live at Sparez in Davie to cover running back Raheem Mostert's charity event on behalf of the Success Foundation's Charity Bowling Event. Also included is an interview with former Miami Dolphin O.J. McDuffie.


Adrianna Valente & BBN Editorial Staff

December 8, 2020

In November, BBN was on hand to cover a local charity bowling event sponsored by the Waves of Success Foundation, founded by Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert. The Bengal Broadcasting Network would like to thank Waves of Foundation for the invitation, and the privilege to be the first to interview the star Dolphin. We would also like to thank Miami Dolphins legend O.J. McDuffie. It was great to see him there and ask him questions about his post-career broadcasting career. BBN is grateful Waves of Success felt we could help them raise awareness for such a worthy cause. We arrived at 6 pm and were impressed by the event’s energy and red carpet. BBN correspondent Elyse Grant took the initiative and asked many questions about his career and other interesting questions. The interview is worth your time. Also at the Waves of Success Foundation event were members of Piper’s soccer teams. Don’t forget both teams made the county playoffs last year. #BengalNation

BBN would also like to thank the Jason Taylor Foundation, which arranged for BBN and other local student broadcasting organizations to cover the event. JTF has allowed many teens to broaden their horizons and allow themselves to be included in something that allows them to speak their minds. BBN is becoming a big part of Piper High School and being invited to this event gave us an amazing opportunity to showcase it.

See BBN's coverage here:


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