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BBN Motorsports correspondent Austin Smith provides the basics of what F1 is on the even of the season opening race in Bahrain


Austin Smith

2022 F1 Champion Max Verstappen looks to defend his title // Source: Networth Post

With the first race of the F1 season quickly approaching on Sunday Match 5th in Bahrain, I figure I’d give a guide to this season to anyone who may be interested in watching. So, here’s the basics:

  • 23 races across the world in many nations

  • 20 Drivers from across the world compete in the top, upper-echelon series

  • Considered one of the most technologically advanced motorsports ever.

  • Points are awarded to the top 10

25 for 1st

1pt for 10th

  • One point is awarded for the fastest lap

  • Be prepared for fancy technical talk (I’ve been watching since 2019 and I still don’t understand most of the terminology)

  • The racing goes from Spring to Winter and like most motorsports F1 races on a Sunday

  • Championship is given to both a driver and a Constructor, but a different constructor can win the championship

  • 3 tiers to the teams:

-Championship Contender

-Mid Field


  • Sprint Races are held at some circuits with points being awarded for each

Runner-Up Charles Leclerc seeks his first title with Ferrari and to earn their first title since 2007 // Source:

Here is the schedule for this upcoming season:

3RD Place Sergio Perez looks to either win the World Drivers Championship or improve upon 2022 // Source: CNN


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