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Melanie Avalos

BBN Correspondent

    On October 28th, the Marching Band of Pride earned a superior rating at the annual marching music performance assessment held at Cypress Bay High School. 

With months of hard work, the students were able to put on a captivating performance, showcasing everything they learned since the beginning of band camp back in July. The Band of Pride never fails to disappoint when it comes to their performance and abilities. The performance this year was titled the playlist and it included many upbeat and catchy songs. Songs such as “Don’t Stop The Music,” by Rihanna, “I Love Music” by the O’Jays, and “Special” by Lizzo, were able to encapsulate the feeling of music and how it is a special way of  speaking to everyone. Marching and playing music is not an easy task to do and the students were performing with everything they had. They were able to give it their all with this performance and catch the eyes of the judges in the audience. With this, the Band of Pride was able to receive a superior award based on their performance. This was a well-deserved rating as the students worked hard and achieved this prestigious award. We expect nothing less from our Marching Band of Pride and look forward to all of their performances and achievements to come this year! 


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