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VARSITY PROFILE: Brandon Montes, Baseball

Baseball correspondent Giuliano Milian profiles the first of many varsity athletes


Giuliano Milian

Baseball Correspondent

December 14, 2022

Brandon Montes / Piper High School / Senior / #17

This is the first entry in a series of profiles of some of our Piper High School Varsity Baseball players. In this series, I will introduce players that deserve more notice and praise and take a look at their improvement over the season.

We will start with my personal friend Brandon Montes, a high school Senior, eager to play college baseball. An important note is that in this column we will evaluate are players that want to play college ball. One thing you will learn about our program is that it wants players that want a future in baseball.


How do you feel about the year?:

“Confident, got some solid players; little things we gotta work on, we lost a couple seniors but we got some developing players and lots of heart”.

And what about those developing players?:

“They've been making the plays, but for me we just need to win against Cypress Bay.”

Why is that?

“Cause I want them to cry!”

Current Stats: 2022-23

Weight:150 Lbs

Height: 5’10

Build: Lanky and fast built for the outfield and Infield.

60 yard dash: 7.0-flat

Throwing Velocity: 85mph

Positions: LHP, OF, 1B

Exit Velo: 82 mph

RBI: 20

Previous Stats: 2021-22

60 yard dash: 6.5

Throwing velocity: 79mph

Positions: LHP, OF, 1B

Exit Velo: 80


Extra Notes

● He can throw a fastball, consistent curveball, and slider.

● Capable of playing multiple positions

● Eager to play for a college

● Has been scouted


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