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VARSITY PROFILE: Kris Frederickson, Baseball

Baseball correspondent Giuliano Milian profiles another baseball player.


Giuliano Milian

Baseball Correspondent

This is the second entry in a series of profiles of some of our Piper High School Varsity Baseball players. For our second player evaluation, we meet our Star on the Field Kristopher, (Kris) Frederickson. Born and raised in Broward County and a natural on the field, though he might look like he raised us he is only a Junior and is eager for the opportunities waiting for him. He is known for his new start and daring attitude and has an excellent GPA! He is also being recognized by our staff who played for many D1 schools. Kris is a friend of mine waiting for the big next step at the hardest sport known and is just waiting for that open season to play as our star catcher!


What’s your goal for this year?

“I’m trying to bat .400”

Why is that?

“Saint Thomas tried, why can't we?

Why is that your motivation?

“Well last year we didn’t get to play them, I'm trying to change that.”

Current Stats: 2022-23

60-yard dash: N/A

Height: 6ft

Weighs: 145

Throwing velo: 80 mph-infield

Positions: RHP, C, SS,2B

Build: Lanky and tall with plenty of room to fill out.

Throwing Distance: 120 feet.

Extra Notes

  • Can Throw, fastballs, curves, and changeups with a slider being worked on

  • Fastest Player on the team

  • His exit velo is extremely quick and can confidently hit straight into the outfield.

  • His power swings almost always hit the fence

  • His swing is solid but more importantly his arm is a dart with throws from the fence hitting home plate!


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