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Drama correspondent Xharia Campbell describes recent triumph of the Piper Players


Xharia Campbell

December 19, 2022

Recently on December 10th, 2022, Piper’s theatre program, otherwise known as Troupe 1358, went on to compete in their District 7’s Individual Events competition (IEs). Troupe 1358 went on to crush the competition with their outstanding events ranging from performance to tech. Even though there was a lot on the theatre programs plate starting from putting on the play “Clue”, competing in the One Acts competition, and having little practice time for our events.

The Piper Players still managed to become victorious and bring Piper back many trophies and medals. And not only did they win rewards for the Individual Events competition, but also for the One Acts they competed in around a month beforehand. Piper thespians have surely put in the work, and it was seen at the competition when they won a lot of excellent (silver) and superiors (gold) medals. As well as some of the performances being picked for “Critics Choice” as well as “Honorable mention”. And as for the One Acts we got “All cast”, “Best Female Actor", and “Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role”. And for the first time we are going to the state competition.


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