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BBN Soccer correspondent Kevin Thermesi previews the upcoming season

"This gravitates us to a very specific question: why is this the year?"

The Piper Soccer team was a peculiar team in recent years, the coach was not as enthusiastic as the players and they lacked the intensity needed to win games. Several of the students were completely unmotivated as well, only joining the team for service hours or the benefits of getting into a good college. Not many wanted to prove that they were the best or were motivated to think they could be the best; they only wanted to join the team and "hopefully" win their games. Has this all changed?

After participating in the interest meeting for the soccer team, I noticed something amazing; kids were actually here to play football, they listened attentively because they knew the information would benefit them. And the coaches did a great job of speaking clearly and coherently as well to help every student understand what they needed to do and what was expected of them. Even though this was great, something was even kroe amazing. Several students were still arriving even after the room was completely full, proving that the Piper Soccer team has grown tremendously in the span of 2 years. Even though everyone was happy, the mood soon changed when the coach stated that only 8 players would join the team. Was this a good idea?

Even I was surprised when he stated this, but I understood completely; the coach wanted to dominate the competition and he wanted the top players to do so. This made the students completely focused on being the best, they wanted to become one of the top 8 to join the team. This could've also been a way to push the players past their limits and make them compete for the position instead of giving all of them a chance of playing for the team. They have to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the competition.

This gravitates us to a very specific question: why is this the year? After talking to one of the captain's of the team, he stated how he believed that this was going to be a great year because so many students were enthusiastic on joining the team. And I have even seen firsthand the skill of many students, some of them have different skills that could benefit the team tremendously.

Therefore, this year is going to be outstanding not only because of the enthusiasm of the students, but also because of the passion and hunger of the coaches: They want to win, and they will make sure they win by choosing the players that would best suit the team and lead a generation of Bengal Soccer players to the finals and ultimately gain a trophy.

If you're trying out for the Bengals Soccer Team, good luck, and stay focused.


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