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REVIEW: Piper Players' Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

Melanie Avalos

BBN Correspondent


The Piper High School thespians have again shown their talent through their fall production of Alice in Wonderland! From the truly wonderful set design and costumes,to the amazing talent being showcased, everything about this play was amazing and whimsical just like the story. The colors from the set were mesmerizing and the props were straight out of the movie. My personal favorite part of the set being the hanging chairs and clocks intertwined with vines hanging from the ceiling.

The attention to detail throughout the play was truly commendable. For example, in a specific part of the play, when Alice looks through the looking glass marking the start of the second part of the play. In this instance you can see how Alice’s thighs and socks change from all white to having patterns that tie back to Wonderland. 

Sienna Magnant truly did an amazing job with her role! With her role as Alice debuting her as the lead, her talent was apparent throughout the play. She was the only character to not leave once throughout the entire play, her resilience was truly something to admire, as she maintained her astonishing performance throughout the duration of the play.

There were many laughs and gasps throughout the auditorium. The students have such a talent for these productions, many as well as myself enjoyed watching the play and seeing what the students had in store this time around. It was a play to not miss! If you didn’t get to watch the play, the musical is the next production, coming in the spring. The Piper Playhouse will be working on the production of Zombie Prom in the spring. Look forward to that soon, it will surely be one to not miss!


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