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BBN Correspondents Daniella Montoya and Melanie Avalos cover Hispanic Heritage Month events on campus


Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 every year. The celebration begins in September to coincide with independence days in several Latin American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, and many more. It is the time of year when American Latinos are recognized and celebrated for their many contributions, cultural impacts, and overall history. The Latino community has influenced and contributed a lot to American society throughout the years. Latinos have contributed to American culture as musicians, chefs, small business owners, etc. A major impact of Latino culture is the music. Music such as Salsa, Merengue, Latin rap, and Reggaeton are staples of our culture. Music is a crucial component that makes up Hispanic Heritage Month, it captures the enthusiasm, passion, and cultural diversity of the Latin community. These musical forms of expression encourage the celebration of Hispanic and Latino Americans by recognizing the important figures in Hispanic and Latino culture who continue to influence American culture through music.

Some influential Latino individuals who impacted Hispanic and Latino culture include Lin Manuel Miranda, a Puerto Rican-American composer, actor, writer, and activist. He is mostly known for having written the Broadway musical Hamilton. Lin Manuel has earned numerous awards for Hamilton as the musical was an innovative famous hip-hop musical, such as the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2016. Another Hispanic figure who has influenced music in American culture is Selena Quintanilla, who was one of the most popular Latin singers of the 90’s. Selena’s Tejano style of music was made up of Mexican and American influences that spoke to her multicultural upbringing when growing up in Texas. Selena is well known for being considered one of the most significant figures in Latin music having accomplished more than 60 albums sold worldwide and being the first Latin woman to achieve a gold record for her album, Ven Conmigo.


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