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Melanie Avalos


  On January 15, BBN was invited to our first hockey game at the Amerant Bank Arena by the Jason Taylor Foundation. We got to see the Florida Panthers play against the Anaheim Ducks. While we were familiar with hockey and the Florida Panthers, we never got to go to a game ourselves and see what it was like. It was an exhilarating experience. 

 As we all walked to the arena, we saw many Florida Panthers fans dressed in their favorite merchandise and wearing their favorite player’s jersey. While walking, there were many banners hung up of the players and other different photo opportunities right outside the arena entrance.  We could see the wave of red when walking in and how the entrance was beginning to fill up with fans. Walking up to the suite, we could sit and get a good view of the game. Everyone was excited to see how the game would turn out. It was also a learning opportunity for us as we got to see the sports managers and how they kept the score and where they would be during the game, ultimately giving insights and more knowledge to the sports staff of BBN.

Before the game started, we all talked about what we knew about hockey such as having the hockey stick and the puck getting thrown around, however, we were not aware of the rules so we had to search that up to not get lost during the game. Once the game started, we got to see all the players come in and start skating into the ice rink. The crowd was very loud and excited to see the Panthers play. When the game started, all our eyes were glued to the ice rink and we began to observe what was happening. The players began the game and were skating and going around the ice rink attempting to score. The Panthers got the first goal of the game, and when they did, the crowd went wild. Whenever the period was over, there would be a 20-minute break and the workers would begin to smoothen the ice out again for the players. Seeing everything that went into a hockey game was interesting. It differed a lot from other sports such as basketball and football, however, you can still feel the tension between the teams, and the energy from the crowd like at many other sports games. As the game progressed, the Anaheim Ducks also began to score. Another interesting thing about hockey is that fights usually break out on the ice, which was something that we were not aware of. These fights usually rile up the crowd and get them frustrated or excited and they begin to start yelling chants. There can also be a difference seen in hockey fans from other sports as they have a lot more energy and even bring in posters to get noticed by their favorite players. Towards the end of the game, both teams were tied. It was 4 to 4 at this point and the game had to go to overtime. Overtime began and we were confident that the Panthers would be able to score, but to our surprise, the Anaheim Ducks were able to get the last goal leaving it to be 4 to 5, with the Ducks winning this game. 

Our experience at the Florida Panthers game was one to remember. We all were able to learn more about hockey as well as what goes into a game how the score i kept and the work that goes into it. Our favorite part of the game was seeing Stanley the Panther skating on the ice along with Viktor E Rat during the 20-minute breaks of the game. They were the ones who were creating the hype with the audience and getting them ready to start cheering for the team. Overall, we all thoroughly enjoyed being able to go to a Florida Panthers game and we cannot wait for the opportunity to go again!


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