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BBN correspondent Kevin Thermesi recaps Piper's thrashing of Cooper City last Friday Night


Kevin Thermesi

The Piper Bengal Football team has shown great promise in the past few weeks, taking several wins and even their most outstanding one yet against Cooper City, dominating for the entire game. The Bengals showed great passion on the field, and showcased to everyone how confident and dominant the Piper Football team really is. But what is behind the team’s lack of complacency and their continued success?

The team has an outstanding quarterback who is always ready to either run past the defensive line or throw an out-of-this world pass towards a wide receiver. This was showcased when the crowd roared in happiness and wonder when the quarter-back sent a near perfect pass into a wide receiver who had performed an impressive route to then sprint down the field and get a touchdown. This showcases the team’s confidence in each other; this confidence gives them the edge over most teams and even past Bengal teams. However, even though they know they know each other plays, what keeps them this focused on winning?

Most of them have an unconditional love for the game, whilst others are here to dominate to potentially impress scouts or agents and go pro; that and the constant support and uplifting from coaches provides them confidence. This increases their intensity, diminishing their complacence, this has gone to the point of them winning a game without taking a single touchdown, ending it 48-0, completely dominating the game. Even though the Bengals Football Team is outstanding, they also have a secret to their persistence and grit.

The unconditional support from fans, coaches, and even loved ones, who are all hoping for them to succeed and stay focused. Faltering or losing their intensity would only hurt them and not the other team. This is why they stay focused. They know that they can achieve their best by saying intense, but all the coaches, fans and even families should continue to do their part as well; supporting the boys so that they know that slacking off is not an option.


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