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BBN Correspondent Angelina Bramwell covers Piper Golf


Courtesy: BBN

Before you start, yes Piper Highschool has a golf team. The team was established August 2, 2022. Formed with only four people at the start. Now has grown six more people. Their home course where they practice being The Bridges at Springtree Golf Club. The golf team started off with a rocky year, but they have seemed to turn their luck around. Gaining a recent win against Saint Thomas High School. Scoring only 5 over par. This is a great accomplishment for the Piper Golf team. Gaining a win against one of Broward County most competitive golf team definitely boasted their ego.

The Golf team here at Piper often goes under appreciated, which honestly is just self-sabotage. Golf tends to be perceived as a sport for specific communities and I feel that this is idea is holding back the team from being what it could be. Anybody can do golf, and anybody can become good at it. Participating in golf can also open many doors that were previously shut to other communities

Courtesy: BBN

Yes, I know golf seems like a pretty boring sport. I won’t lie to you, I find certain parts of it boring, and I play it. Watching golf that’s boring, but playing the actual sport is very fun. It takes a lot of work and commitment to get good at any sport. Golf is the same way. If youre interested in any way about picking up the sport, you should. You gain a lot of respect from people when you even show interest in a sport like golf. Golf is mainly perceived as boring to block out other communities from the opportunities it can bring. Open yourself to the idea of golf and give it a try. Not like it’s going to hurt you if you do. If you have any interest in golf, you should see Mr.Terl in upstairs in 500 building. The golf team is actually making movement and hey, maybe you’ll be the next person to give us a win.


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