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BNN Contributor Addis Johnson and BBN Editor Anngelie Gomez-Muñoz reviews the Winter Spirit Week fun around campus


Addis Johnson and Anngelie Gomez-Muñoz

Here at Piper, spirit week is always a fun time for everyone. It's been a great week!

Monday - Dec. 12 - "Crazy Hair and Sock Day."

When it came to socks and hair, most people went all out. It was a very bizarre day for everyone!

Tuesday - Dec. 12 - "Ugly Sweater Day"

Tuesday was a very ugly day! It was the day to wear your tacky/ugly sweaters (or flannels). The clothes worn by the students were creative. Those sweaters were so festive, they made me feel like it was Christmas already!

Wednesday - Dec. 13 - "Character Day"

Wednesday was a day full of costumes. There were Grinch costumes everywhere, Santa Claus and his reindeer came to visit, and Mrs. Claus too! We even saw those evil elves on the shelf!

Thursday - Dec. 14 - "Tropical Day"

Since we are in Florida, there isn't any snow at all. It was a tropical Thursday. There were lots of people wearing grass skirts, beach hats, and lovely flower-hair accessories. It looked like a very hot summer day in Miami!

Friday - Dec. 15 - Pajama Day

Friday was quite cozy. There were many lovely pajamas with Christmas themes. The same pair of red plaid pajamas were being worn by nearly half the students, so it seemed like they were matching. Everyone had a great time that day, even the teachers.


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