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Angelina Bramwell



Credit: CNN

  Oppenheimer and Barbie are the two biggest movies coming out of 2023. Has made movement at the Golden Globes. Oppenheimer brings history to the big screen, directed by Christopher Nolan and played by Cillian Murphy, the movie follows Oppenheimer the scientist who led the Manhattan Project and the father of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer earned over $953.8 million dollars, second to their biggest competitor Barbie. Barbie based on the children doll ‘Barbie’ that many little girls grew up on. Played by Margot Robbie and directed by Greta Gerwig, the Barbie movie would touch on things such as womanhood, the patriarchy, and what it’s like growing up as a girl. The Barbie movie would turn the box office upside down, earning up to $1.442 billion dollars. Barbie has become Warner Bros highest grossing worldwide release of all time.  

On January 7th, 2024, Oppenheimer and Barbie would be the two movies with the most nominations at the Golden Globes. Oppenheimer has eight nominations and went home with five golden globes. Finally getting a win over their competitor Barbie. Oppenheimer won categories: best drama picture, best director, best drama actor, best supporting actor, and best original score. While Barbie came in with nine nominations and left with one win. Barbie would only get a Golden Globe for cinematic and box office achievement. Although its saddening to see Barbie leave with one Golden Globe, everybody who decide to go out and watch Barbie. Knows that no Golden Globe can take away from the impact Barbie had on so many little girls and many women. If you haven’t watched these two great movie, I recommend that you do. Barbie has recently been available to watch on the streaming service HBO Max, it is also available on Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Oppenheimer is available to watch on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Apply TV. So, if you missed your chance to watch these movies on the big screen, you are not able to take these great movie home with you. So go out and form your own opinion about these two movies that shook 2023. 



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