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BBN correspondent Laura Morejon interviewed our proud Piper Principal of the Year


Laura Morejon

SHE'S DONE IT ALL - danced with the step team, cheered with the cheerleaders, served breakfast, welcomed her Bengal students and staff every morning and finally received the 2023 Principal of the Year Award. She's Piper's biggest supporter offering her warm welcome and kind smile in every event, from homecoming and senior picnic to chess and debate tournaments Mrs Hautigan praises her students and now it's time to praise her.

In the past four years Mrs Hautigan has served as a light in Piper , not only with her positive attitude but also her hard work and determination to offer the Bengal students the very best opportunities. What she describes as one proudest moment, our cambridge program flourishing and booming thanks her, with it growing to become the biggest in the county. “In just our second year we gave the third most tests in the county, and with flying pass rates that beat all the international pass rates” says Mrs. Hautigan.

In just four four years she has managed to grow our Cambridge program like no other school in Broward County, giving hundreds of students not only the possibility of reaching their full potential but the ability to attend public universities in florida without the associated cost burden.

Besides our Cambridge program Mrs. Hautigan has done so much for Piper, in recent years she has committed herself to improving the school structure. “ We have upgraded, we got the money from the district, and we put it into improving Piper. Besides that we have used our own funding into buying better student and teacher furniture," our principal says. The improvements made to the campus are undeniable, from our new bathrooms in A building, to our brand new Nook and office. Piper’s physical structure is significantly better thanks to Mrs. Hautigan.

Although she has done a lot for Piper already she knows there is more on the horizon for the Piper Bengals and she hopes to continue growing the school and bring in more bright Bengal students into it.


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