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Piper defeated Hollywood Hills last week with an impressive offensive explosion.


Giuliano Milian

On Wednesday February 22, Piper won their first game against Hollywood Hills. The win was a grand slam of a score of 12-4, with noticeable pitching from our star Roman Storey who struck out 6 batters and Jaiden Ferriero who fanned 3.

1st Inning: The first inning was a rough patch and a bumpy one with Piper being put down by 2 and having 3 errors but that didn't stop our bengal Animosity!

2nd inning: The inning was running smoothly with our defense getting easy outs, yet only one run

3rd inning: Our catcher got a double, and our pitch runner Khalfani! Ran base and scored twice , Our defense got 3 easy outs with a double play.

4th inning: We scored an amazing 6 points putting us ahead at 9 to 2

5th inning: Top of the inning was rough with our defense putting us at 9 -4, but at the bottom of the 5th, our catcher hit twice and both times a pitch runner scored putting us at 11. We then hit a single and scored once more.

And with that the other team in their humbleness forfeited and left leaving us with a grand 12-4 victory and the start to a possible winning streak to open the season.

Some credits go to TK, Toufic Khabie's 2 singles and 1 double.

Jaiden Ferrerio produced two singles.

Khalfani’s pinch running was exciting where he slid twice at home being safe “By A Mile!”

Sean stole two bases, and one on third and one and second.


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