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BBN Correspondent Angelina Bramwell describes the 11th grade


Since Seniors can get senioritis. I think we need to come up with a word for Juniors. How about…, Junior Blues. Since I am already TIRED OF THIS!!

I don’t want fluff; I’m going to give it to you straight.

I…am…TIRED…OF…SCHOOL! How? Since it’s only been 2

week and every adult want to ask. “Oh Angelina, how are you

tired? We just begun school?” Well let me tell you…JUNIORS


Junior Blues, aka the sadness felt being in between of getting

out of high school, but also knowing you have one more year

to go. Kicks a lot of us in the butt. Since you’re a junior the

expectation from your classes is way higher, compared to

Sophomore year. Most juniors are taking 5-6 AP classes.

Partially a whole collage schedule! The jump for Aice classes

to AP classes is a significant difference and many of your AP

teachers expect you to have your act together by this time.

But honestly…WE REALLY DON’T!!!

Let it be known, WE DON’T! Many of us juniors are still getting adjusted to handling many different responsibilities outside of school: a job, a car, or a phone plan. Juggling all these different

responsibilities will be a first for many juniors. School + Job +

Bigger responsibilities + Bigger expectations = Major Stress.

Not only are we bombarded with a lot more responsibility to

consider. Many of us are grappling with the fact, we are

almost done with high school. Depending on how you look at

it, this can be a good factor. We’re almost done with

Highschool, yay! Although, that also means you go to college

next year. Boo!! It’s not even just the fact, you go to collage

next year. The fact we are about to be out of Highschool, but

you still have ONE MORE YEAR TO GO. It’s just agonizing to

think about causing Junior Blues.


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